A new way to interact with light has arrived

More comfortable. More human. More efficient

Local network


Normalink is a control platform for general and emergency lighting, through any mobile device with IOS, Android or Windows.

Normalink is DALI compatible and will enable you to remotely control one or several installations simultaneously, in real time and from different devices at the same time.

iOS   Windows   Android


System compatible with DALI lighting (universal).


Multi-device control (from different devices at the same time).


Intelligent configuration and comissioning (automatic, easy 
and intuitive).



What can I do with Normalink?

With Normalink you can explore all the possibilities of your illumination, making it more practical and comfortable, as well as more efficient.

Create illumination environments in your installation:

  • According the different lighting needs of each room.
  • Different scenarios for the same space.
  • Create time settings in a quick an easy way: schedule the time the lights will be on, off, lighting regulation, etc.

Optimize the mainteinance and comply with the security regulations

  • Program the emergency lighting tests whenever you want them to be carried out.
  • In case any of the emergency lighting luminaries fail, Normalink will detect this and you will be informed.
  • Log everything that happens in the installation.

Integration of external elements:

  • Integrate sensors, push buttons and external signals has never been so easy.

Simple, tough and extendable

A system you can trust

Easy DALI wiring, with no polarity and isolated (tough communications and without mistakes).

Extendable system, ideal for small, medium or big installation.

Quick and automatic commissioning.

Universal external elements (Push buttons, light sensors, presence sensors and external signals) directly connected to the DALI line through one adapter (it does not use DALI address).

Wiring: Wiring

Why not seeing it with an example?

Normalink is easy and intuitive, and we can see a full example in just five steps:


Group the luminaries and/or emergency lighting units in lines of up to 64 fittings.


Use IDNG-EAD adapters to integrate sensors, detectors, push buttons or external signals.

  • One adapter per element. 
  • Maximum of 16 adapters by DALI line.
  • Maximum one adapter with a constant light control per DALI line.

Connect the DALI lines to the IDNG64 gateways and press the test button to check if the DALI wiring has been properly done.


Change the IP address of the gateways and integrate them in the local network.

Download the Normalink app and connect your device to the same local network.


DALI-TCP/IP gateway for the control through Normalink of up to 64 lighting or emergency lighting luminaries compliant with the DALI standard.

  • 6 modules DIN rail mounting
  • Internal power supply to feed the DALI line and a CR2032 battery to avoid losing information. 230V AC 50-60Hz from an UPS (Uninterrupted power supply)

Download user manual

Download certificate


Adapter to integrate non DALI control devices into the DALI line (push buttons, constant light controls and presence sensors).

  • DALI connector, 0-10V (non isolated) analog input and digital input (230V AC)
  • Automatic detection and configuration done from the Normalink app
  • Dimensions: 215 x 33,5 x 30 mm
  • Powered through the DALI line.
  • It does not occupy a DALI address.

Download user manual

As a briefing,

Normalink is the easiest, more intuitive and advanced control solution

  • Control ALL your illumination in a comfortable and intuitive way.
  • Control by fitting or by groups.
  • Detects failures in the luminaries and optimizes the manteinance of both general and emergency lighting.
  • Normalink is an open DALI protocol, no exclusivities. 
  • It does not require an initial configuration. Connect and control.
  • Create groups of luminaries and program scenes easily.
  • Three different user profiles with different possibilities.
  • 100% made in Spain technology designed by Normagrup.

Normalink is available in IOS, Android and windows.

iOS   Windows   Android